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Louis Daviau from Simpson Strong Ties spoke about wall bracing.

David Lupberger on how to Create Clients for Life, presented at the Brookfield showroom of Tile America

NARI/CT is a proud sponsor of the Fall CT Better Home Show to be held in Bridgeport on October 7&8th.  NARI members will receive a discount of up to 10% on any booth rental. Plus the 1st 5 members to sign up will get an additional rebate of $350 as a thank you from the chapter.  More info here.

We are also pleased to offer FREE VIP passes to this premier event!  Fall VIP Ticket.pdf 

Businesses looking for sponsorship opportunities that will fill your showroom with professional remodelers, should contact us at

Deputy State Building Inspector Dan Tierney from the State Building Dept.

Chip Darius of Safety Priority spoke of 2016 changes to OSHA and answered questions on safety issues.

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remodeling contractors association meetings and events in wolcott

John Smigel & Jeffrey Pooler

Building Inspectors Question & Answers

Robert Nankano from the CT DCP Fraud Division

Attorney Steven J. O'Neill

Risk Management

Todd Bairstow

Key Word Connects

Identifying 5 Buying Personas

William Janhonen

The Good, Bad & Ugly of IEC Testing

Tony Calistro Ring's End

A look at some of our meetings...

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Craig Webb on Opportunities for Remodelers in CT in 2017.  Hint, looks good!